Hummus with sun-dried tomatoes and basil

The incredible aroma of basil combined with the taste of sun-dried tomatoes creates a combination that all true connoisseurs of xummus must try! Perfect in combination with feta or mozzarella. Enjoy!


  • chickpeas 50%
  • drinking water
  • fresh tomatoes 12%
  • sesame seeds (sesame) 10%
  • refined sunflower oil
  • table salt
  • ground garlic
  • acidity regulator – citric acid
  • sorbic acid
  • sodium benzoate
  • dried basil0.1%

Nutritional value per 100 g (g) of product: protein-10.0 g (g), fat-22.2 g (g), carbohydrate-5.5 g (g).

Energy value (caloric content) per 100 g (g) of product: 1095.4 kJ (kJ) / 261.8 kcal (kcal)

Storage conditions: at temperatures from 0 ° C to + 6 ° C.

Expiration date: 25 days

Net weight 250g (g) ± 3%

Kosher product

Lean product

Does not contain GMO

Vegetarian product

Gluten free

Shelf life 25 days

Storage temperature from 0 to +6

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